Aesop's Fables - February 20

Peninsula Youth Theatre


Cast Members  
Ant, Cat #3, Hunter, Referee  
Harry Ye  
Grasshopper, Narrator #1, Tortoise  
Jordan Wong  
Ladybug, Regina, Narrator #2, Crowd Member  
Charlotte Hoffman  
Cricket, Postman, Lion, Narrator #4  
Andy Palant  
Dragonfly, Milty, Narrator #3, Crowd Member  
Dan Grapa  
Messenger, Cat #2, Mouse, Hunter, Crowd Member  
Marco Yin  
Attendant, Cat #1, Hunter, Hare  
Sam Page  
Production / Creative  
Director and Editor  
Elizabeth McClelland  
Titles and Credits  
Theo Gardiner  
Graphic Design  
Karen Simpson  


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