Aesop's Fables - February 20

Peninsula Youth Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Harry Ye head shot

    Harry Ye

    as Ant, Cat #3, Hunter, Referee

    Harry is 7 years old. He loves performing on the stage and he also loves playing soccer on the field. He has participated in a few PYT's shows and classes. Harry is super excited to join the production of Aesop's Fables.

  • Jordan Wong head shot

    Jordan Wong

    as Grasshopper, Narrator #1, Tortoise

    Jordan is 8 years old and loves singing, dancing, writing stories, and playing board games. She loves acting because she likes being different characters, especially funny characters.

  • Charlotte Hoffman head shot

    Charlotte Hoffman

    as Ladybug, Regina, Narrator #2, Crowd Member

    Charlotte is an aspiring actress who has performed in several plays. She loves the feeling of being on stage and has fun doing accents and improv games. She always looks forward to the next school play.

  • Andy Palant head shot

    Andy Palant

    as Cricket, Postman, Lion, Narrator #4

    Andy Palant is 4th grader. Some of his favorite hobbies include drawing, acting, singing, dancing, and designing clothes. He played the role of orphan Mikey (also known as Molly) in his school production of Annie. He has participated in two dance performances of the Firebird Dance Theater - Pinocchio and The Little Prince.

  • Dan Grapa head shot

    Dan Grapa

    as Dragonfly, Milty, Narrator #3, Crowd Member

    Dan is a 3rd grader. He enjoys long walks, gymnastics, and arts and crafts. He likes to make scripts, write stories, and make comics. One of his goals is to be successful as a YouTuber. He wants to learn acting and be an actor when he grows up. He is very excited about this PYT production.

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