The Hunchback of Notre Dame -

Penny & Pound Theatre Productions


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a huge show. HUGE. Like, bigger than any show I've ever been involved in. It is also entirely worth all of the hard work and stress.


Based on the Victor Hugo novel, with music from the Disney movie, Hunchback of Notre Dame tells the story of Quasimodo - the deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral. While escaping his tower for one day "Out There" in the world of "normal" people, Quasimodo meets the beautiful Romani woman, Esmeralda, who changes his life and teaches him what true friendship is.


At its heart, Hunchback is the story of right versus wrong, love versus hate and what it truly means to be human. And in the end, above all, it shows us "What makes a monster and what makes a man."


My sincere thanks to everyone involved in this behemoth. Mostly, my love and thanks to my business partner, Corina Dunn, for her tireless and brilliant work helping me to bring this show to life.


Now, sit back and enjoy the show. And remember...This is How We Play!

                                                                            Lori Distel
                                                                            Artistic Director and Co-Founder

THERE WILL BE A 20 MINUTE INTERMISSION BETWEEN ACTS I and II. Concessions are available in the Green Room.

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