The Hunchback of Notre Dame -

Penny & Pound Theatre Productions


Crew Members  
Lori Distel  
Musical Director/Conductor  
Alexander Reed  
Stage Manager/Choreographer  
Corina Dunn  
Assistant Choreographer  
Sydney Schott  
Annie Dale (Mic Manager)
Marley Sullivan (ASM)
Drake Tucker (ASM)
Booth Workers  
Steve Dunn (Sound Operation)
Acklerley Melnychuk (Spot Operation)
Alex Woodward- Herborth (Lighting Operation)
Make-Up/Special Effects  
Brooke Bulmer
Hannah Dunn
Set Construction  
Corina Dunn
Lori Distel
Steve Dunn
Lucas Dunn
Jessica Hamilton
Niels Henze
Zoey Henze
Hayden McArthur
Cullen- McArthur Jackson
Ethan O'Krafka
Moises Ruiz
Jeremy Vandenhelm
Script Assistant  
Marley Sullivan  
Costume Design  
Corina Dunn
Lori Distel
Bev Dreher  
Piper Jillian  

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