Grease - October 06 - October 09, 2022

Penny & Pound Theatre Productions (formerly Part & Parcel)


Crew Members  
Piper J. Distel, Lori Robinson Distel
Julian Lam  
Musical Director  
Scott Mountain  
Assistant Musical Director  
Taylor Ottmann  
Stage Manager  
Jennifer Lynn Mountain  
Assistant Choreographers  
Grace Mason Soucie, Emily Jane Mew
Mic Operation  
Aason Casselman  
Assistant Stage Managers  
John Albert Logo, Jacob Hundt
Lighting Operation  
Andrew Scott  
Spotlight Operation  
Arthur G. Brook, Eric Reda
Sound Operation  
Scott Mountain  
Mic Manager  
Heather Firlotte  
Properties Manager  
Joanne Kitzman  
Lighting Design  
Scott Mountain, Jennifer Lynn Mountain
Set Construction  
Jennifer Lynn Mountain, Scott Mountain, Jacob Hundt, Paul Rosenberg
Set Painting and Artwork  
Lori Robinson Distel, Piper J. Distel, Taylor Ottmann, Chloe Distel
Car Design and Construction  
Sandra Ashton
Lori Robinson Distel, Piper J. Distel, Joe Gull, Megann Friesen, Cambridge Community Players
Lori Robinson Distel, Piper J. Distel
Front of House  
Piper J. Distel  
Head of Bar and Concessions  
Luis Gomes  
Lori Robinson Distel, Corina Dunn
Artistic Director  
Lori Robinson Distel  
Associate Artistic Director  
Piper J. Distel  
Jullie Stairs  
Marion Price  
Paul Drouillard  
Board Directors  
Cameron Joyce, Rosalyn McKay

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