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PLAYBILLder's ad templates can be an important part of making sure this production isn't your school or local theatre program's last. Here are some useful tips for using our ad section to the fullest.


1. Be Strategic

Asking for money isn't fun, but if you can find natural connections between your show and local businesses, the process is easier and more successful for everyone. If you're doing Into the Woods, think about approaching local independent book shops or bakeries. A local hair salon might be interested in advertising in your Hairspray program.


2. Think Outside the Box

Businesses might be more interested in advertising with your production if you put together some creative packages that go beyond print ads. Get the local newspaper to provide newspapers for Newsies, or a local flower shop to sponsor your Audrey II puppet in Little Shop of Horrors. Include ad space in the package as well to spotlight both the business and how they've sponsored part of your production.


3. Businesses Are Not Just Ad Buyers

Local businesses and community members can be just as if not more useful to you as a community connection. Any flyers or posters you make for your production should be distributed to businesses that bought ad space. Make sure representatives from those businesses get tickets to your production so they can see the impact of their sponsorship.


4. Get School Administration Involved

Producing a show for a school? Having district and building administrators as supporters of your work is vitally important. Make sure every administrator knows when and where performances are being held, and encourage them to attend. If they can't come to a performance, leave a copy of your PLAYBILLder-created program in their mailbox. A slick, Broadway-quality program with ads showing healthy community support shows that you know what you're doing and that the community is invested in the continued success of your program.




   Remember to also offer ad space to your cast and crew's family
   and friends for notes of encouragement and congratulations.


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