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"Thanks for helping middle school students feel like they are one stop away from Broadway, even in Cincinnati—we did a stage door for the kids to sign autographs after the show! Thanks for providing such high-quality and easy-to-use products at such a great price!"

          – Rachel Damon, Middle School Theatre Director

            The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio




"I have bragged to many people about the service I received from you guys. What I experienced comes few and far between nowadays! I will certainly use you again."

          – Charity Moon Henry, Drama Teacher

             Franklin County High School in Carnesville, Georgia


"I really appreciate everything. Our parents always love the Playbill programs that you produce. Every year they are as big a hit as the show!"

          – Christina Muedeking, Parent

             Brent Elementary School in Washington, D.C.





Since PLAYBILLder launched in 2013, we've had


              60,000+ users

              More than 22,000 programs built

              2.25 million programs printed

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