The Music Man - August 05 - August 14, 2022

Pocket Community Theatre


We offer sincere gratitude to those in our community who support the mission of The Pocket Community Theatre.          



Angels  -  $1,000+

Ray + Kerry Owen

Trinity Foundation

Dorothy Morris 

Producers  -  $500-$999

Garrett Brenneman

Sally + Jimmy Crain

David Fleming

Linda Rickel

Irv + Anne Slate

Brett Muncrief

Jodine Tooke


Directors  -  $250-$499

Karen Lauck

Barry Horner

James + Tami Kendall

Stars  -  $150-$249

David Appel Jr.

Charles and Martha Freeman

Cherie Smith

Vickie Crisp + Ed Pace

Steven Mitchell


Actors  -  $100-$149

Lesley + Mary Currey

Linda Doherty

Lin Johnson

John Freeman

Margaret Forsyth

William + Mary Lemond

Dan + Stacy Breashers

Alana Clegg

Patrons  -  $50-$99

Marcia Dobbs Smith 

Sandra Haness   



Joyce Whitfield




We are thankful for all community support but especially grateful for these supporters:


“We would like to thank the Lake Hamilton School District’s Powerband of Arkansas for their generous loan of the uniforms for this performance”

Special thank you to The Springy Dingy for all the wonderful help with costumes!


Thanks to Stephen Campbell for his photography!


Special thanks to our wonderful Producer Jodi Tooke!!!! Thanks for keeping us on task!!!

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