Matilda - February 02 - February 04, 2024

Powhatan High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Alyssa Nicole McNutt head shot

    Alyssa Nicole McNutt

    Stage Manager

    This is Nicole's 2nd year with Powhatan High School Theater. She was Asst. Stage Manager for Alice in Wonderland and is now Stage Manager for Matilda The Musical. She enjoys the community surrounding theater and hopes to make long-time friends. She would like to thank her family for supporting her and gives special thanks to Cadbury and Robin, her dogs, for being adorable.

  • Morgan Manson head shot

    Morgan Manson

    Asst. Stage Manager, Choreographer

    This is Morgan's second production with Powhatan High School Theatre; she previously appeared on stage in Alice in Wonderland as the March Hare. Morgan is in her fourth year with the dance company Live Dance Complex. Morgan would like to thank her dance teachers, Miss Erica and Miss Kate, who she credits as being her reasons for knowing anything about dance.

  • Taylor Sutphin head shot

    Taylor Sutphin

    Lighting Board Operator

    Taylor Sutphin is a high-spirited and dedicated member of the PHS Theatre department. Previously being involved in productions such as Alice in Wonderland, she has found a love for the people and dynamics created therein. She is also involved with other departments at PHS and has used her time to hone her passions, hoping to one day professionally pursue her love of music.

  • Rhia Melton head shot

    Rhia Melton

    Followspot Operator

    Rhia is an athlete and artist, born on a day at some point in the summer of the last 10-15 years; they spend their days in the rafters sitting by the spotlight, and they keep WD-40-ing it and keeping it clean. They aren't allergic to rice, SO STOP SAYING I AM, I AM NOT.

  • Natalie Blankenship head shot

    Natalie Blankenship

    Special Effects Operator

    This is Natalie's first year in a special effects role, operating various light, sound, prop, background, haze, and strobe effects during the production; outside of theatre, she enjoys art, reading, and playing the drums. Natalie is fiercely determined to put on the best show she can manage and would like to thank her family for their support and encouragement.

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