Lend Me a Tenor - January 10 - January 20, 2019

Precipice Theatre


Precipice Theatre would like to thank the following for helping make this production possible. We couldn't have done it without their assistance, support and guidance:



Nino's Trading Company 

Aristotle, Inc.

North Little Rock UPS Store

Arkansas Repertory Theatre

Ann Norris
Rachel Norris
Debi Manire
Lainye Tapley
Austin Rath
Arwin Rath
Marla Shivers
Renee Bryan
Sherman Banks
Justin Pike
Georgeann Burbank
Mark Burbank
Matthew Tatus
Rowan Bax
Lyn Norris
Elizabeth Bowles
Michael Goodbar
Joey Dipette
Elliot Bryan
Christopher Stashuk

Linda K. Smith
Charlotte Taylor
Gina Kaye Bettis
Courtney Speyer
James Linker







"Now, in the dark a-night, all big sounds, they die away.
The guns can a-roar, the whole world can collapse, if, after this immense destruction, there comes this immense a-love."


 -- Ken Ludwig

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