Lend Me a Tenor - January 10 - January 20, 2019

Precipice Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Beth Ross head shot

    Beth Ross

    as Maggie

    Maggie Saunders (Beth Ross) is a fun, flirty gal in her early twenties! Thus far, she has guarded her carnal treasure & remained a virginal beauty, but now she’s finally ready to take on the world...and opera singer, Tito Merelli. She’s transfixed by that face, that voice & those abs! Lacking any sort of maternal influence, as her mother died of a dramatic illness when she was a young girl, Maggie and her Tito Merelli scrapbook have been traveling the globe with her dad as he does the bidding of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company.


    Even with a nursing degree under her belt, she’s never felt compelled to get a job, as her hefty allowance more than covers her needs. She occasionally works a shift here and there to catch up/chit chat with the girls from the nursing school. In her free time, Maggie entertains the timid advances of her sometimes boyfriend, Max. He’s mostly a loyal nuisance, but those argyle sweaters are so endearing!

  • Case Dillard head shot

    Case Dillard

    as Max

    Max (Case Dillard) is Associate Assistant to the Artistic Administrator, Mr Saunders, & fiancee to his daughter, Maggie. Max grew up in the apartment building next to the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. From a young age, he snuck into performances and was flabbergasted by the raw talent onstage. At 14, Mr Saunders caught him sneaking in and gave him a job as a ticket tearer/coat checker. He has been working his way up the ranks ever since. He has been engaged to his boss’s daughter, Maggie, for the last 7 years. He hopes that they will walk down the aisle sometime in the next 7.


    Max gets his book smarts and pragmatism from his Dad (who has served as the Cuyahoga Circuit and County Clerk since 1907) & his creative / emotional intelligence from his Mom, who opened Cleveland’s first Biblical Dance Studio, "Jete for Jesus”. While he has sustained himself on the administrative side of the arts, he hopes to someday take the stage by storm.

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