Elf The Musical Jr - December 20 - December 22, 2018

Primary Players Children's Theatre Group


Cast Members  
Santa Claus  
Ryley Thames  
Josiah Mustaleski  
Charlie/New Yorker  
Daniel Snoderly  
Shawanda/New Yorker  
Ruthie Brown  
Elf #1/Sarah  
Kylie McMurray  
Elf #2/New Yorker  
Millie Rochelle  
Elf #3/New Yorker  
Hannah Brown  
Elf #4/New Yorker  
Amelia Rader*  
Elf #5/New Yorker  
Maddie Gravitte*  
Elf #5/New Yorker  
Claire Roberts*  
Elf/New Yorker  
India Bramblett  
Elf/New Yorker  
Zee Carnes  
Elf/New Yorker  
Katie Giebudowski  
Elf/New Yorker  
Audra Mustaleski*  
Elf/New Yorker  
Remy Rochelle  
Elf/New Yorker  
Julia Smith*  
Elf/New Yorker  
Boone Talley*  
Business Woman/Finale Soloist #1  
Brooke Hurst  
Flyer Guy #1/Security Guard #1  
Jacob Pritchard  
Flyer Guy #2/Security Guard #2  
Will Irvine  
Jogger/Macy's Employee/Cameraman  
Darian Lindquist  
Teenager/Macy's Employee/Finale Soloist #3  
Molly Lowe  
Colin Hood  
Walter Hobbs  
Derrik Wright  
Olivia Squires*  
Emily Hobbs  
Alyson Ament  
Michael Hobbs  
Emily Dubes  
Sarah Ogle  
Macy's Manager  
Zoe Stiles  

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