Death & Doubloons -

R-ACT Theatre Productions


Cast Members  
Captain Jack Swan  
Shantih Bianco  
Eric J. McAnallen  
Black Strap Turner  
Devin Phillis  
Larry Spinnenweber  
Jamie McGregor  
Eric Armstrong  
Lorinda Hamilton  
Jenn Rian  
Dorothy "Aunt Dolley" Hamilton  
Beverly Dicken  
Bridget "Biddy" Muldoon  
Janet Lynn Hutchinson  
Production / Creative  
Conrad Bianco  
Assistant Director  
Amy Ellefson  
Shantih Bianco  
Carey Carothers  
Graphic Artist  
Kris Hurley  

R-ACT thanks the following for their continued support:


Stangl's Bakery

For providing delicious treats durng our intermissions.


The Hostess Gift Shoppe

For being our box office and promoting our productions.


Beaver County Times

For their local promotion.


 Marissa Kording Photography

For promotional photography and actor's headshots.


The Avenue Theater - Maria Longo

For providing a space for our office, costume and props, rehearsals, and productions.


R-ACT Theatre Productions' Mission Statement

 R-ACT is a non-profit community theater group established in 1992. We are a center for creative and motivated people interested in any phase of theatrical activity where they can advance their knowledge and skill by working on quality plays for recreational, educational, and cultural advantage. Dedicated to keeping the arts alive in Beaver County.

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