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  • Shantih Bianco head shot

    Shantih Bianco

    as Captain Jack Swan

    Shantih is thrilled to be making her on-stage R-ACT acting debut with Death & Doubloons. Her last role was R-ACT’s holiday radio show and annual fundraiser A Child is Born (Innkeepers Wife) in 2014 at the Merrick Art Gallery. Shantih has always had a love for theater, starting her career at the age of 6 with the youth theater group at The Theatre Royal in Bath, UK and continuing with Saltworks Theatre Productions after she moved to the States. In recent years, her roles have been more backstage than in the limelight as she is currently the head of Costuming and Props for R-ACT Theatre Productions. Shantih lives with her husband Conrad and cat Matilda in Fallston, PA. She would like to thank her sister Heika and The Dread Pirate Mac for helping her with costumes!

  • Eric J. McAnallen head shot

    Eric J. McAnallen

    as McTeague

    Born to be a pirate and known as Cap’n Mac by many, Eric and piracy go back quite a ways, so he’s at home on the decks of The Golden Porpoise. This is Eric’s fourth time performing with R-ACT, most recently appearing as the conflicted con-man, Mike, in Wait Until Dark. Eric earned a degree in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University and doesn’t spend nearly enough time writing, a trend he hopes to change. Some of his favorite roles include Daddy Warbucks in Annie, Sir Robin in Spamalot, and Mitch Mahoney in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Eric is the Grand Vizier of Email with a respected energy company and likes to spend his time building things in his woodshop. Eric lives in Ellwood City with his wife, Misa, his dog, Max, and a school of fish named Steve.

  • Devin Phillis head shot

    Devin Phillis

    as Black Strap Turner

    Avast ye mateys! Devin, 24, is excited to be in his second show with R-ACT this season. He has been performing with the theatre on and off for 3 years and has been doing shows most of his life. His past productions have included; Twice Around the Park, Murder at the Movies, Writer's Block, Murder on the Mediterranean, Cabaret and A Musical Christmas Carol. Devin is a resident of West Mayfield and attended Blackhawk High School and California University of PA. He hopes everyone enjoys the show!!

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