Moonshine and Murder - April 10 - April 18, 2015

R-ACT Theatre Productions


Cast Members  
Seymour Simpson  
Eric Armstrong  
Voluptua Armore  
Bridget Yeager  
Zeke Hayford  
Larry Brosius  
MayApple Hayford  
Janet Hutchinson  
Luther Drummer  
Larry Spinnenweber  
Rosa Lee Hayford  
Valerie Boyce  
Reuben McKade  
Clay Glenny  
Beulah McKade  
Diane Brosius  
Production / Creative  
Cheryl Crabb  
Assistant Director  
Tammy Van Evera  
Amy Joseph  
Lighting and Sound  
Bill Bruce and Mark Murdock
Stage Design  
Conrad Bianco  
Hair and Special Effects  
Shantih Bianco  
Joshua Tarquinio  
Valerie Boyce  
Website and Graphic Design  
Tera Bevilacqua  
Featured Artist  
Leslie Struthers  

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