Moonshine and Murder - April 10 - April 18, 2015

R-ACT Theatre Productions


From the Director, Cheryl Crabb:


  • Josh Tarquinio of Tarquinio Photography for his time and talent
  • Maria Longo for continued devotion to the local art scene.
  • Our sponsors who recognize the importance of the arts in our daily life and support R-ACT
  • Larry Spinnenweber for sharing his plays and his many talents with us
  • Amy Joseph, extraordinary president of R-ACT, for producing Moonshine and Murder
  • Tera Bevilaqua for all the media and art work that she does for R-ACT
  • To all the members of R-ACT who contributed their efforts, time, and talents to Moonshine and Murder 



R-ACT Theatre Productions would like to thank

 Joshua Tarquinio of Tarquinio Photography 

for his donation of his time and talent.

Please visit his amazing galleries at 

Please visit our website 

to see his behind the scenes photography of our past Seasons.



 R-ACT would like to thank Maria Longo for her continued devotion

to the local art scene and providing us with our new home, The Avenue Theater. 




R-ACT Theatre Productions is a non-profit community theatre group established in 1992 and has produced over 100 shows. From musicals like Gypsy, to comedy staples such as Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, and in-house written productions, R-ACT has been the home to many talented performers, directors and artists.



 With seasonal productions, internal fundraising events and member meetings, R-ACT members are always keeping busy, making sure the institution of keeping the arts alive in Beaver County stays strong. We have open arms to anyone that has a love of theatre, whether it be acting, producing, directing,or working behind the scenes.  

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