Martinis and Murder - April 06 - March 16, 2018

R-ACT Theatre Productions


R-ACT thanks the following for their support:


Beaver County Times                             J.A.Y. Photography

For their local promotion                          Promotional photos and headshots


Grace Lutheran Church                          Stray Cat Studios

Pastor Clagg for space use                       Production of custom vases


Cheryl Crabb                                          Michelle Green

Props and set pieces                              House Coordinator


Conrad Bianco                                       Jenn Rian

Set Production support                            Acting Coach talent


Kit Keiper

Murder and Martinis theme music




Our remaining 2018 Season!

The Rainmaker
Written by N. Richard Nash
May 25, 26 - June 1,2 ,2018 (Massey Theater at RMU)

Five Teller's Dancing in the Rain
Written by Mark Dunn
July 6,7 - 13,14 2018 (Rochester High School)

Murder on the Budapest Express
written by local playwright Larry Spinnenweber
August 24, 25 - August 31, September 1, 2018 (Merrick Art Gallery)

The Game's Afoot
Written by Ken Ludwig
October 12, 13 and 19, 20, 2018 (TBD)

Holiday Annual Radio Show
A Christmas Carol
(a special edition written by local playwright Larry Spinnenweber)
November 30 & December 1, 2018 (Merrick Art Gallery)



R-ACT Theatre Productions' Mission Statement


R-ACT is a non-profit community theater group established in 1992. We are a center for creative and motivated people interested in any phase of theatrical activity where they can advance their knowledge and skill by working on quality plays for recreational, educational, and cultural advantage. Dedicated to keeping the arts alive in Beaver County.

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