Martinis and Murder - April 06 - March 16, 2018

R-ACT Theatre Productions


Cast Members  
Kit Norris  
Scott Hamilton  
Kate Norris  
Steph Carhart  
Adaline and Jonathan  
Detective Kevin Cavanaugh  
Scott Reinard  
Doreen Worthing  
Denise Laughlin  
Lily Worthing  
Kim Nutter  
Lefty Jones  
Larry Spinnenweber  
Maisie O’Rourke  
Danielle Lang  
Milton Avery  
David Millar  
Production / Creative  
Janet Lynn Hutchinson  
Assistant Director / Costumes / Stage Manager  
Shantih Bianco  
Producer / Tech / Marketing  
Carey Hill  
Tech / Production Crew Member  
John Bassinger  
Acting Coach / Ginger  
Jenn Rian  
Production Set Head  
Conrad Bianco  
Graphic Artist  
Kris Hurley  

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