American Vinyl - April 27 - April 30, 2017

River City Pops

 River City Pops 

Music Director  
Molly Wissinger  
Stage Manager  
Taylor Smith  
Backstage Manager  
Laura Eggert  
Assistant Backstage Manager  
Alyssa Muir  
Sound Technician  
Wyatt Roberts  
Rehearsal Tracks  
Andy Heger  
Show Videographer  
Clay Leben  
Show Video Editor  
Suzanne McBride  
Guest Choreographer  
Clay Cooper  


Letter from the President


Each year, following our Spring show, the members of River City Pops begin the process of choosing a theme for the next year's show. In 2016, British Invasion was such a blast to perform that we knew we had to keep the momentum going. After some consideration, American Vinyl seemed a natural choice. After all, if we're going to pay tribute to the greatest rock artists from across the water, why not do the same for those right here in America?


American Vinyl represents a golden period in our country's musical landscape. The days of vinyl, LPs, records were uniquely special. There was an exciting creative movement in American music during that time that gave birth to some of the most indelible and iconic songs ever. The songwriting in the late 60s, 70s, and early 80s was simply amazing. Artists like the Eagles, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, and countless others were pumping out incredible songs faster than their fans could listen to them. 


To honor that period, we've put together a sampling -- a classic potpourri of great American music -- we hope you'll enjoy. Of course, given the vast amount of material to choose from, we're only skimming the top. Please forgive us if we leave out some of your favorites.


Of course, I can't talk about what we do as a group and the fun we have doing it, without thanking the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and all of our generous sponsors for their support. Without it, we couldn't do what we do. We are deeply grateful and happy to share our joy and our music with you.


The performing arts are an essential part of our society and we will never take that for granted. Thank you for celebrating them with us!


Now...please join us on a trip back to the days of Woodstock, bell bottoms, soul, disco, and good ol' rock-n-roll! And feel free to sing along!



Craig Barron

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