American Vinyl - April 27 - April 30, 2017

River City Pops


  • Craig Barron head shot

    Craig Barron

    This is Craig's 10th and final RCP show. He can no longer keep up with those damned millennials and is simply tired of trying. So, he's decided to open a store in Buda, called Shaggy Dog Market, and sing to his customers instead. Dogs are pushovers and their owners will just have to grin and bare it. In all seriousness, he would like to express his sincere thanks to the group and the wonderful audiences for a fantastic 10 years and for allowing him to shake his groove thang far too long. It's been a hoot!

  • Peter Beilharz head shot

    Peter Beilharz

    Peter has performed with River City Pops for more years then he can remember. He has enjoyed every performance and cannot remember having a bad experience at a show. Well...... maybe a few missteps or pant-splitting moments on stage he'd rather forget. Peter is the Director of Student Accounts at St. Edward's University. When he is not performing with RCP, he is producing shows with Zilker Theatre Productions where he has been a producer for over 10 years. Peter would like to give a shout out to all the former and current RCP members for all their love and support.

  • Megan Cristwell head shot

    Megan Cristwell

    Megan is thrilled to be performing in her fourth year with River City Pops. When Megan is not singing and dancing the day away, she is likely also singing and dancing in her 2nd grade classroom. Megan would like to shout out to Chris, her fantastic boyfriend, for always making rehearsals…interesting, and her amazing parents for all of their support. Last, but not least, Miss Cristwell would like to tell her students: Dream big. Work hard. Be kind.

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