G2K... Cinderella Purple Cast - January 12 - January 13, 2019

Riverdale Children's Theatre


Cast Members  
Ava Wanko  
The Prince  
Jonah Schloss  
The Stepmother  
Agnes Shillue  
Adaya Hewitt  
Yardena Franklin  
The Godmother  
Aoibhe Charles  
The King  
Emmet Marcus  
The Queen  
Arianna Junious  
The Herald  
Mia McElhatton  
Prince's Steward/Chef  
Elisha Gordon-Cahan  
Townsperson/Royal Guard  
Christian Rosario  
Mean Sister/Butcher  
Addison Calhoun  
Townsperson/Cheese Steward  
Jonathan Katz  
Dessert Chef/Lady in Waiting  
Nika Dekel  
First Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Emma Fitzgerald  
Second Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Emily Friedlander  
Third Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Elicia Shek-Doona  
Mother/Lady in Waiting  
Haley Wright  
Older Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Sheilynn Arrieta  
Townsperson/Charles the Cat  
Mia Colon-Roman  
Elizabeth Maiden  
Studious Sister/Mouse #1  
Ariel Bar  
Daughter/Mouse #2  
Jurnee Swan  
Little Sister/Mouse #3  
Ruby Sewell  
Sloppy Sister/Mouse #4  
Hannah Silva  
Little Boy/Racoon  
Alexander Fraser  
Barak Katz  
Alyssa Junious  
Ball Guest  
Peter Winter  

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