G2K... Cinderella Purple Cast - January 12 - January 13, 2019

Riverdale Children's Theatre


Riverdale Children’s Theatre would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for going above and beyond in helping us bring this production of

R&H Cinderella G2K to the stage!  


Our exceptional Board of Directors: 

Joey Parnes, Nuala Kelly, Michele Pawk, Tim Miller and Doris Quinones


Dawn Velez, Pamela Ventura and Kevin DeGroat for being such welcoming hosts here on the Campus of Mount Saint Vincent



 Our amazing RCT tech crew: Caitlin Paniaqua, Nala Torres, Connor Ausman, Ciara Jerome, Ethan Homan and Kevin Woods


Our Costume Team

Anna Dropiewska and Alda Homan


Yon from Beyond Costumes


Our Box Office Coordinator Tami Bezborodko 


Our Playbill Coordinator Tiffany Lutz



Justina Ercole, Julie Kaminski, Paul Loman, Linda Timmons and Teresa Santiago


Principal Lori O’Mara, Andrew Brereton, Alex, Ramone and the staff of RKA


Robyn Hartman, Bella,  Joel, Louis and Edgar from the Riverdale Jewish Center


Yon from Beyond Costumes


Kerry Timmons and Dennis Clarke


All of our Parents and Families for their time and commitment, without whom, none of this would be possible

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