Chicago: Teen Edition - January 20

Riverside Unified School District


Act I  
All That Jazz  
Velma & Dancers
Funny Honey  
Roxie, Amos & Fogarty
Cell Block Tango  
Velma, Liz, Annie, June, Hunyak, Mona
When You're Good to Mama  
Matron "Mama" Morton
All I Care About is Love  
Billy & Dancers
We Both Reached For the Gun  
Billy, Roxie, Mary Sunshine & Company
Roxie & Dancers
I Can't Do It Alone  
My Own Best Friend  
Roxie, Velma & Ensemble
First Act Curtain  
Velma & Orchestra
Act II  
I Know a Girl  
Me and My Baby  
Roxie & Ensemble
Mister Cellophane  
Amos & Ensemble
When Velma Takes the Stand  
Velma & Ensemble
Razzle Dazzle  
Billy & Dancers
Roxie & Velma
Hot Honey Rag  
Roxie & Velma
Finale: And All That Jazz  
Roxie, Velma, Featured Dancers & Orchestra

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