Chicago: Teen Edition - January 20

Riverside Unified School District


  • Luis Aguilar head shot

    Luis Aguilar

    as Fred Casely/Ensemble

    Luis is a senior at Arlington High School and is relatively new to acting. Despite having only started theater last year, he received leading roles both times he’s auditioned at his school. He will continue to learn how to become a better actor during his last year of high school. Luis plans to work towards a double major in animation and game art in college. 

  • Isis Artry head shot

    Isis Artry

    as Dancer

    Isis, a junior at Poly High School, has been in a few musicals at Poly, but this is her first Honors Musical. She plans to continue acting in the Poly production of Into the Woods as Little Red Riding Hood. Isis knows that the Honors Musical is very valuable to her future career and she's thankful to be a part of it.

  • Joaquin Barton head shot

    Joaquin Barton

    as Amos Hart

    Joaquin has been performing for the last three years at Ramona High School. Only a sophomore, his favorite roles include Harry Bright in Mamma Mia and Wayne Hopkins in Puffs. He plans to study acting and eventually pursue a career in theater.

  • Lilymaria Bennett head shot

    Lilymaria Bennett

    as Reporter/Ensemble/Understudy Kitty

    Lilymaria is a junior at Poly High School and comes from a family of theater artists. Both of her parents were professional actors, so naturally Lilymaria also has a passion for musical theater, voice, dance, and being a part of a creative community. She hopes to use her experience with the Honors Musical toward her career aspirations in the field of art.

  • Xuan-Anh Ly Biggs head shot

    Xuan-Anh Ly Biggs

    as Annie

    Xuan-Anh is a senior at Poly High School. In addition to performing in shows at Poly, Xuan-Anh is also known for being an avid filmmaker and writer. She is applying to college film programs for production design and screenwriting. She knows the skills learned at the Honors Musical will help her on her journey.

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