The Pink Panther Strikes Again - October 10 - October 13, 2019

Ruston Community Theatre


Production / Creative (continued)  
Sound Designer  
Dusty Hampton  
Karen Pittman  
Set Designer  
Mitch Dufour  
Combat Choreography  
Fletcher Hyacinth  
Stage Hand  
David Merchant  
Poster Designer  
Neal Breeding  
Playbill Creator  
Leigh Nixon  


Director Notes


I have had the opportunity to direct a few shows for RCT now, and I have to say this has been the most challenging.  The size of the cast, the number of characters, and twenty two scene changes to present?  Wow… it was overwhelming at first, but good support people made it manageable.   A few special thanks are in order.  Thanks to Fletcher Hyacinth for helping choreograph the fight scene;  Amara Zabolotniy for her help with some of the combat blocking as well as dance choreography; and Amee Brinkley for her fantastic job as stage manager!

Thank you Cotton Top Prints and Mark Graham for your generous support in making cast t-shirts possible, and a huge thank you to Judi Null and Ruston Artisans.  The use of her gallery space and the work of the volunteer artists allowed us to complete all of the artwork required for the set well in advance!  THANK YOU JUDI NULL!


I want to thank ALL of the cast and crew for their hard work, the RCT Board for providing the resources for us, and you the patrons, for your continued support of our theatre.  And thank you Terri, for supporting me in this labor of love called Ruston Community Theatre.

Mitch Dufour


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