The Pink Panther Strikes Again - October 10 - October 13, 2019

Ruston Community Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Tracy Calloway head shot

    Tracy Calloway

    as Clouseau

    This is Tracy Calloway’s sixth appearance in a RCT stage production. Tracy would like to dedicate his performance to his friend and over 20-year RCT board member, Kevin Cuccia, who passed away earlier this year.  Kevin would have loved this play. He was without question the punniest person I’ve ever known!

  • Fletcher Hyacinth head shot

    Fletcher Hyacinth

    as Cato

    Fletcher Hyacinth is no stranger to RCT and this is yet another great opportunity! The hilarious classic Pink Panther series brings back great memories and it's great to be a part of this experience with you. This is yet another great cast to work with. Whether one of us is on stage for a second or an hour thanks for hanging out with us.

  • Rick Godley head shot

    Rick Godley

    as Dreyfus

    Rick Godley returned to RCT in 2015 in The Foreigner and most recently he played the evil Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. He is a past RCT Board Member and previously served as President of RCT (1989). You can tune in to The Peach 99.3, ‘Retro Radio’ where Rick creates great local radio ‘Rick’s Radio Roux’.  A radio Waffle House for your ears. 

  • Amara Zabolotniy head shot

    Amara Zabolotniy

    as Olga

    Amara has been performing her entire life. She was Ethel Toffelmier in RCT's production of The Music Man earlier this year. Amara thanks her wonderful husband, Rodion, for his support and encouragement, and dedicates her performance to her late Grandpa Don, who was The Pink Panther's biggest fan.

  • Daniel

    Daniel "Catfish" Norred

    as Dr. Fassbender

    Daniel “Catfish” Norred started on stage as an emcee and later moved to radio and television. A long-term fan of RCT, this is his first role. 

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