Alice The Musical - May 20 - May 22, 2022



Act One  
All In a Golden Afternoon  
Alice, Cast
I'm Late  
White Rabbit
Down, Down, Down  
Alice, Cast
My Lovely Garden  
Alice, Cast
I'm Late (Reprise)  
White Rabbit
I Wish I Hadn't Cried So Much  
Alice, Cast
Caucus Race  
Mouse's Tale  
What Will Become of Me?  
Alice, Lewis Carroll, Cast
Who Are You?  
Caterpillar, Alice, Cast
Pig and Pepper  
Fish and Frog Footmen, Cook, Alice, Duchess
Alice, Cast
Ten-minute intermission
Act Two  
Mad As a Hatter!  
Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Alice
Croquet Song  
Queen of Hearts, Alice, Cast
Lobster Dance  
Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Cast
Beautiful Soup  
Mock Turtle, Cast
Off With Her Head!  
King and Queen of Hearts, Cast
Wonderland (Reprise)  
Alice, Cast

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