Alice The Musical - May 20 - May 22, 2022


 Who's Who 

  • Leah Adamson head shot

    Leah Adamson

    Leah Adamson (Caterpillar) is taking the world by storm with her spectacular performance in ALICE the Musical. You won’t recognize her from any of Stuttgart High's previous shows but she sure is excited for this one! Leah is in 10th grade and has 2 years of voice lessons to credit for her lovely singing. Leah would like to dedicate this show to her good friend Ethyn Evert who has always been there for her. “Hey Ethyn!”

  • Elena Bryson head shot

    Elena Bryson

    Elena Bryson (Mad Hatter) is a junior at SHS, and this production will be her fourth under the tyrannical rule of Ms. Bagnaschi. Since childhood, Elena has been a natural performer, always seeking out ways to make people laugh, and never shutting up. She has been involved in the SHS theatre program since she was a freshman, and is always looking for new opportunities, such as Dramafest 2022, where she won a gold medal. She is elated to be participating in such a fun show, and hopes you will all thoroughly enjoy it! Special shout out to her true biggest supporter, Uncle Andrew and his kale smoothies.

  • Grace Cavanagh head shot

    Grace Cavanagh

    Grace Cavanagh (Mock Turtle, Vocal Director) is so excited to be performing in and vocally directing this years production of ALICE the Musical. She is the Teacher's Assistant for the Show Choir class here at SHS, participates in the school's Advanced Choir, A Capella club, and the TRI-M Music Honor Society. She would like to thank all her friends in this production for making it such a magical experience.

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