There is a Light - December 13 - December 14, 2018

Saint Mels Catholic School


We held auditions in May 2018.  Students of St. Mel Catholic School came forward like a herd of curious antelope peering out from the safety of the herd, the safety of the forest.  Alone.  Alone, they must cross the mighty river of ...Auditions!  One by one students strode  into the parish center, songs and script excerpts in hand;  pushing back fear, one by one they sang songs and recited lines.  Students waiting outside watched the faces of those departing the auditions.  What was it like?  Were they nice?  Anxieties turned to relief as they saw smiles, laughter and  pride in the eyes of our students who dared take a risk. 


We, the auditioners were especially surprised by the talent and daring of the students at St. Mel.  All were required to sing accapella and from the heart.   At the end, we determined that there was enough talent to make two casts.  

This brings me to my next point; Two casts.  This was my first experience writing, directing and putting on a musical.  Having two casts would complicate the process  a bit.No, let me rephrase....would complicate the process completely! Enough Said.


Thank you to our 3rd grade readers and parents and teachers.  You prepared your lines ahead of time and blessed us all.  Bravo!


Without the assistance, advice and generous help of the AMAZING parents of St. Mel School and Parish, we would have been finished before we had begun.  To those parents with children in our school now, to parents who's children attended long ago;  Your efforts, struggles and devotion made this production  possible.  To the parents and parishioners with no students at St. Mel, but who supported this endevour, thank you.  The community of St. Mel is very much alive, very much a light in the darkness and very much in need of your hands and feet to show a skeptical world that God is alive.  A blessed Advent Season to you.  

Fr. Aldrin Basarte - for his support, spiritual guidance and vision, not only for this production, but to the entire school and parish of St. Mel.  We are grateful for your presence and vocation.  


Bob Mayer and Janet Nagel, for your support from the very beginning of something unseen, something good.  And for your love of the children of St. Mel School.   


Allison Schaffner, for the wonderful choreography work.  You came back from the 'great beyond' to share your gifts with your friends at St. Mel School. We are grateful for your kindness.  


Mrs Fran Dellasara, Thank you for being willing to play character, teacher, safe environment helper and overall helper.


John and Sean, without the facilities, rooms, air-conditioning and setups, we have nowhere to be.  Thank you for your dedication to making our parish and school beautiful!


Kelly, Nancy, Sara, You responded to each email, listened to unfinished tracks and kept us together in administration.  Thank you for your love of the faith. 


Teachers of St. Mel School, your constant guidance,  and support of each child at St. Mel made it possible to include the entire school in the musical. 


Marian Thompson, for your support of writing sessions at 3am, recording sessions at 7:00am, and talking me through the anxiety and sleepless nights.  Thank you. 

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