There is a Light - December 13 - December 14, 2018

Saint Mels Catholic School


Crew Members  
Tech Crew  
Veronica Schutz - Audio Tech.
David Ramos - Spotlight Tech.
Aaron Thompson - Lighting Tech.
Victor Perry - Audio Tech.
Dylan Burr-Lighting Lighting - Tech.
C.J. Enriquez- Backstage - Tech.
Nicolas Norton- Back Stage - Tech.
Brady Anderson-Lighting - Tech.


Without a doubt, the most undervalued work in theater is Tech.  Without them, the show would not be possible, but when they are successful, they are also invisible.   These young students attended almost every rehearsal 3pm to 5pm on Wednesdays.  Instead of heading home to watch tv or play video games, tech kids learned to safely set up heavy and complex equipment.  They were frequently required to do nothing but sit and watch the actors onstage, this they did patiently.  After rehearsal they quietly put everything away.      

From audio mixer, mp3 players, microphones, lighting consoles, follow-spots, props, nothing was too hard to master.  Most impressive, they treated each other with respect and worked humbly side by side.    These Eight students became the backbone for all of us.  As director, I was blessed and lucky to work with them.  Thank you.  The darkness could not overcome the light with you all shining so brightly!     


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