There is a Light - December 13 - December 14, 2018

Saint Mels Catholic School

 In Order of Appearance 

  • Trinity Acuna head shot

    Trinity Acuna

    as Pieta

    Trinity Acuna is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. She will be Pieta in the play.  She likes to build structures out of Lego and loves to draw.

  • Sienna Carleton head shot

    Sienna Carleton

    as Pieta

    Sienna Carleton is 11 years old and will be performing the character Pieta. This is Sienna's first foray into acting. 

  • Colin O'Brien head shot

    Colin O'Brien

    as Cruz

    Colin O’Brien is 9 years old and will performing as the character, Cruz.  This will be his first performance in a play. He enjoys playing soccer and baseball. 


  • Ava Borchers head shot

    Ava Borchers

    as Novena

    Ava Borchers is 12 years old and will performing the character Novena.  She has been in 5 plays and very much enjoys acting, playing soccer and travelling.

  • Maryn Wright head shot

    Maryn Wright

    as Novena

    Maryn Wright is 11 years old and is playing Novena in St. Mel’s school musical. Maryn is a lover of the arts, and she is also musically inclined. Maryn’s hobbies include playing Cello, Ukulele, and Piano.  

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