There is a Light - December 13 - December 14, 2018

Saint Mels Catholic School

 In Order of Appearance 

  • Phoenix Ray head shot

    Phoenix Ray

    as Blaise

    My name is Phoenix Ray. I am 13 years old. I am playing the part of Blaze. This is my first play performance. I am interested in being in the play because singing brings me joy. In my spare time I like to read and hang out with my friends.

  • Fred Corfee head shot

    Fred Corfee

    as Blaise

    Fred Corfee is 12 years old & will be performing the character of Blaise.  He has been in the school choir for 4 years and enjoys snow skiing, swimming and singing.  This will be Fred’s 1st acting debut in a play/musical. 

  • Leah Hughes head shot

    Leah Hughes

    as Iggy

    Leah Hughes,11, is excited to play Iggy! Leah would like to thank Mr. Thompson for always helping her.  Happy Advent!

  • Ella D'Incecco head shot

    Ella D'Incecco

    as Iggy

    Ella D'Incecco is 11 years old & will be performing the character Iggy in There is a Light. This is Ella’s 2nd play. She plays the piano and violin. She loves singing and dancing. 

  • Greta Crumley head shot

    Greta Crumley

    as Vesper

    Greta Crumley is 13 years old and is super stoked to be in There is a Light and is playing Vesper. Greta has been in 9 plays and loves acting, horseback riding and soccer. 

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