There is a Light - December 13 - December 14, 2018

Saint Mels Catholic School

 In Order of Appearance 

  • Matthew Acuna head shot

    Matthew Acuna

    as Cosmos/Prophet

    Matthew Acuna is an 8th grade and will be Cosmos in the play.  He likes programming, animating and playing video games.

  • Dylan Olsen head shot

    Dylan Olsen

    as Cosmos/Prophet

    Dylan Olsen plays Cosmos. He is in 7th grade and has been performing in plays for 5 years. He loves being on stage and entertaining. 

  • Brayden O'Brien head shot

    Brayden O'Brien

    as John the B.

    Brayden O’Brien is 11 years old and will performing as the character, John the Baptist.  

    This will be his first performance in a play. He enjoys playing baseball and golf. 


  • Damaris Thompson head shot

    Damaris Thompson

    as Gabriella Michaels

    Damaris Thompson plays Gabriella Michaels in the play.  She loves to sing, play viola, listen to music and read.  She is also a certified babysitter! This is her first appearence in a musical production.  Her mom and dad are proud!

  • Allison Schaffner head shot

    Allison Schaffner

    as Gabriella Michaels

    Allison Schaffner is a freshman at St. Francis high school. She has been over 20 productions including two shows in Disneyland. Allison loves Broadway musicals and creating choreography.  She is the choreographer for St. Mel's There is a Light!

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