Fiddler on the Roof - April 29 - May 07, 2022

Saratoga High

 End Notes 

Notes from the Director...




The word tradition is quite important to this production, as you will see. It is the name of the first musical number and is mentioned as a recurring theme throughout the story. Tradition is thought of as a system of beliefs that gets passed down through the generations in hopes that the ways are captured and preserved.


Traditions come in a variety of importance and theme. Families may share in a tradition of sitting down to Sunday dinners together. Sports Fans may share in a tradition where they tailgate before every home opener. Weddings, Birthday Parties, Graduation Ceremonies and Dramatic Performances are all traditions we share in our world today. Some traditions today seem more important than others, but each individual holds their own traditions close and will fight to keep them alive. The idea of breaking traditions does not generally sit well with most people. Breaking traditions can sometimes cause heartache, family disagreements and the breaking of friendships. Traditions must not be broken lightly, but people deserve the right to break with traditions in order to better their own lives. Obviously, traditions can complicate relationships, but they can give great comfort to them as well.


This production has shown a great deal to us about what is important in our lives and how to treat those around us who are in need of compassion and understanding. There are difficult choices at every turn, but we can, hopefully, always turn to a friend or family member who can show kindness and provide comfort when times are their worst.


I want to take the opportunity to thank the amazing parents who have gone so far above and beyond what was asked of them to make this production what it is. They are working for the betterment of our Drama Department, our students and our community. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this production.


-Ben Brotzman

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