Fiddler on the Roof - April 29 - May 07, 2022

Saratoga High


Crew Members  
Ben Brotzman  
Vocal Music Director  
Margie Alejandro  
Orchestra Director  
Michael Boitz  
Scenic Artist/Construction  
Cris Vaughan  
Pam East  
Costume Design  
Y. Sharon Peng  
Assistant Director  
Samantha Wiesner  
Stage Manager  
Arushi Maheshwar  
Production Manager / Lighting Designer  
Dragon Neal  
Co-Stage Manager / Audio Manager  
Diya Kapoor  
Master Carpenter  
Emma Robinson  
Scenic Design  
SHS Stage Tech Class  
Lighting Design  
Ben Brotzman & Dragon Neal  
Orchestra (Woodwinds)  
Caden Lee - Saxophone, Stanley Yang - Saxophone, Ainsley Sheen - Bass Clarinet, Summer Shen - Flute, Angela Tan - Flute, Anthony Wong - Clarinet
Orchestra (Brass)  
Michelle Jiang - Horn, Alison Okuno - Trumpet, Kamakshi Shandily Yoshiki Shimokawa - Trumpet Christopher Okuno - Trombone  
Orchestra (Strings)  
Lucy Holt - Violin, Nancy Lei - Violin, Tejas Tirthapura - Violin, Panithi Kachinthorn - Viola  
Orchestra (Low Strings)  
Maddie Jin - Cello, Arjun Walia - Cello Levi McBeth - Cello  
Orchestra (Percussion)  
Ryan Lee, Logan Gecils, Madison Saville, Simon Yang  
Deck Manager/Backstage/Flyman  
Ethan J Canahuati  
Deck Manager/Backstage/Scenic Crew/Audio Crew  
Amrita Gopal  
Backstage Crew  
Natalie Poon  
Backstage Crew  
Apollo Burgess  
Backstage Crew  
Josh Hunter  
Backstage Crew  
Ananya Gupta  
Claire Zheng  

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