The Crucible - November 11 - November 19, 2022

Saratoga High School

 Who's Who 

  • Olivia Smith head shot

    Olivia Smith

    as Abigail Williams

    Olivia is so excited to play Abigail in her last Fall Play with SHS Drama. She is so thankful for all the opportunities and support she has received. She would like to thank Mr. Brotzman, an incredible and passionate director, her fellow seniors who have been together since the beginning, and the entirety of drama club who never fails to hype her up when she needs it.

  • Ananya Gupta head shot

    Ananya Gupta

    as Tituba

    Ananya is super excited for everyone to see "The Crucible"! A senior, she has participated in drama productions since the beginning of her high school career, and believes a show of this caliber truly exemplifies how far the program has come in the past few years. She wants to thank her friends in Drama!! 

  • Ariana Tootoonchi head shot

    Ariana Tootoonchi

    as Mary Warren

    Ariana Tootoonchi is a 16 year old junior. She has acted in “Midsummers Night Dream,” “Puffs,” and “She Kills Monsters.” She would like to thank the cast and crew, especially Mr. Brotzman, for all the love and support throughout this show.

  • Ella Tamas-King head shot

    Ella Tamas-King

    as Mercy Lewis

    Ella wants to thank you for coming and hopes you enjoy the production. She had a fun time working with the cast and crew to make this show happen and hopes everyone had a great time.

  • Katie Berger head shot

    Katie Berger

    as Betty Parris

    Katie is a sophomore and this is her third show at SHS. She has had so much fun rehearsing for this play and she’s very excited to finally perform it.

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