The Lion King JR - November 02 - November 04, 2018

Scranton Middle School


The Directors, Cast and Crew would like to thank the following people for their help in making our production great:


  • Academy of Dance in Brighton for the use of their studio, many times, to teach dance numbers.
  • Deb Keller, Founder and Lead Instructor at Silkstream Aerial Artists, for providing the Combat Training and Choreography for our fight scenes.
  • Katie Johnson for her help with auditions
  • Carolyn & John Repyak for thousands of hours designing and building our amazing costumes.
  • Kurt Droese and Jeff Von Buskirk for the countless hours designing, building, and painting our extraordinary set.
  • Our Team-Leads who made all the “Behind The Scenes” Happen

    Marketing:  Wensdy Von Buskirk

    Hospitality: Jennifer Childers

    Props:  Annette Oliver and Jennifer Bond

    Playbill Creation: Kristi Sixbery

    Backstage Crew: Chris Attarian

    Concessions/Ushers:  Casey Hoang

  • Sally Mikat for working with a number of our actors, and even squeezing in a few extra, to support our production
  • Lindsey Harkins, BCPA Manager, for her flexibility and assistance
  • The Director of Robin Hood, Betsy Allardice, for sharing space and resources with The Lion King JR.
  • Brooklyn Harvey for assistance with Make-Up and Hair.
  • Frank Smith for recording and producing our DVD.
  • Sean Carney, Amy McCullough and the students within the BHS Graphics Art Department for creating all of our publicity materials
  • Jake VanNote and the Scranton Art Students for creating our hyena costumes
  • All of the parents who helped with props or costumes
  • All of the parents who drove teams around on poster hanging day
  • All of the parents helping backstage, with food preparation, supervising students, moving set pieces and all of the hundreds of other ways you have supported the production


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