Small Engine Repair - February 07 - March 02, 2019

ShoWorks Entertainment






On behalf of the entire "Small Engine Repair" team we would like to thank each one of the fantastic and generous theatre angels that donated to our fundraising campaigns.

We honestly would not have been able to bring this show to the boards without your immense support. Thank you so much for supporting the arts and allowing us to create a platform to do what we love.


Special Thanks Credits:

Ben Drake

Jim Campolongo

Holly Long Lieber

Austin G. Brock


Producer Credits:

Cindi & Robert Arendt

Loretta Cheatham

Zak Kadison



Thank you to the wonderful team at The Broadwater Theater for giving us a home and creating a space for crazy artists to explore their madness. Oh, and thank you for the addition of your beautiful historical bar, which has become our favorite watering hole in town!


We'd also like to acknowledge the brilliant playwright Mr John Pollono for penning a production full of grit, heart and greasy comedy. What a gift! Thank you for trusting us with your work, we hope we have done it justice!


Finally, we would like to thank every one of you for taking the time to come and watch our production.  Thank you for supporting the artists, the creators, the innovators, the collaborators and the storytellers who are compelled to do what we do. Long may the struggle continue!






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