Small Engine Repair - February 07 - March 02, 2019

ShoWorks Entertainment

 Who's Who 

  • Nick Reinhardt head shot

    Nick Reinhardt

    as Frank

    Nick grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York. His first experience with acting was scaring children while working at a local Haunted House. He then attended a Youth Shakespeare Camp and was instantly hooked. During high school and college, he took further courses at BADA in London and Oxford. Nick holds a BFA from NYU: Tisch School of the Arts at the Stella Adler Studio. Since graduating Nick has worked as a furniture mover, a manny, a bartender and a prospector. Surprisingly, being a Manny was the most lucrative job of all! At some point he would like to try a career as an actor and put all that expensive training to use. Nick is very excited to jump into the vortex of chaos that is Small Engine Repair and try his harpoon at that White Whale of acting: The New England accent.


  • Brandon Irons head shot

    Brandon Irons

    as Packie

    Brandon would like to thank his family for supporting his various pyramid schemes throughout the years & for putting up with his execrable behavior throughout the course of holiday functions. Specifically, he would like to thank his Mom for her love, and also for driving him hours across CA for auditions when he was a young chap. Some of his film credits include "The Girl Next Door" (20th Century Fox) & "American Pie 4" (Universal) amongst others. Some of his favorite roles on a stage include Austin/Lee (True West) and Bobby (Coyote On a Fence).  Brandon enjoys time traveling, competitive knife fighting, jay-walking, climbing trees & stealing candy from chubby babies. His current favorite quotes include:"Sharp little guy...He's one of the worst students we got.'' In addition, Brandon is an ordained minister who will shoot from the hip and speak from the heart, providing that cash is involved. Thanks for coming to the show folks!


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