Miss Saigon: School Edition - May 11 - May 13, 2018

Somerset Berkley Regional High School Drama Department


Many people came forward to encourage and to help us get this show off the ground. We offer them our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Some, however deserve extra mention.  


First and foremost, the music department wishes to thank the many volunteers for all their hard work in helping to make our production a success. From helping us publicize the production, soliciting businesses to place advertisements in our program booklet, building sets, decorating the PAC and lobby, selling tickets, collecting props and costumes, as well as helping design, edit and print our Playbill; their selfless devotion towards the music department helps make events such as this possible. Thank you, we can’t do it without you!


A huge thank you to Shawn Elliot and the Bristol Community College Theatre Program for letting us borrow two key props for the show! The helicopter and the American Dream (a.k.a. Grease Lightning) were gladly loaned to us from their prop department. They were incredibly kind and helpful. We can’t thank our new friends, Shawn Elliot and the BCC Theatre Department enough!


Also, a special thanks to Joshua Conover and SP Sound & Production for their help in setting up the additional sounds and lights for the event. He went above and beyond what he needed to in order to ensure that this production would go off without a hitch.


Additional thanks to Mr. Stephen Meehan and Mrs. Rebecca Andrews for their help. Mr. Meehan once again allowed us the use of the photo studio and his services in taking the principal bio photos. Mrs. Andrews used her amazing talents to create the Miss Saigon Gobo logo (a.k.a. the logo that is projected on the curtain before and after the show). She used a metal saw to create the gobo out of a plate of copper by hand! They always do a great job it doing whatever they can to support our efforts! Thank you so much! 


A profound thank you to Mr. Raymond “Curtis” O’Connell and the custodian crew here at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. They were here to help us during every step of the process of producing this production of "Miss Saigon”. We could not produce all of these great musical performances without the efforts of Curtis and the entire Custodian Staff here at Somerset Berkley Regional High School!


The Cast, Crew and Staff of “Miss Saigon” would also like to thank the supportive administration here at Somerset Berkley Regional High School, the school committee, and the district administration for their continued support and encouragement of this production and the entire list of musical endeavors that we undertake throughout the year. Without their support and guidance, musical performances such as today’s production would not be possible!


Finally, none of our musical ensembles would function as successfully as they do without the wonderful parent support here at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. We are very thankful as a staff that they allow us to borrow their children “free of charge” day in and day out. We know how your children’s involvement is a commitment on your part as well! We respect and thank you for that! 


Thanks to all who helped us along the way and share in our production’s success!

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