Daddy Long Legs - January 27 - January 29, 2022

Southern Utah University

  Director's Note  

Daddy Long Legs is a musical about simply finding “the secret of happiness” in life. I feel that as we grow up, we lose that sense of child-like wonder and lose a true sense of why we are living to begin with. This story will take you on Jerusha and Jervis’ journey as they find their true selves. Through her writing, they discover what the secret of happiness is for themselves. What is the secret of happiness? That may be a loaded question for some of you. You may not have ever answered that question for yourself. As you watch this show, please ponder the little things in your life; the ups and the downs. How do all of these play a part into the way you live life and make you into the person you are today? This show has helped remind me that we all should consider these things everyday. I am so glad you are here so we all can go on this journey together. I hope that this show teaches you as it has taught me. Thank you and please, enjoy the show!


- Jett Larson

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