The Addams Family - September 15 - September 24, 2023

Spotlight Players


Spotlight Players would like to give a special shout of gratitude to the following people and organizations:


Garden City Theater Program:

Thank you for helping us bring our set to life with some set and prop pieces!


The Ogger Family:

Thank you for the tombstones!


Kelly Carbray-Falk:

Thank you for your support with props!


Skye Der-Stepanian:

Thank you for taking incredible headshots of our cast!


Melissa Francis:

Thank you for all you do for Spotlight!


Keller & Stein Florists (Canton, MI)

Thank you for your flower stem donation for our cast/crew shoutouts!


Beyond Borders Latin Street Food (Plymouth):

Thank you for partnering with us for our fundraiser!



We could not have made this production happen without you!


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