Freaky Friday - April 18 - April 20, 2024

St. Elizabeth High School



Henri Matisse told us that "creativity takes courage". The undertaking of our full-scale musical theatre production of Disney's Freaky Friday is an example of the courageous creativity that the school community of St. Elizabeth Catholic High School is willing to take on as a dynamic group of people.


How very fortunate we are to experience this creative spirit each and every day here within our school. The tireless efforts of staff and students is the glue that holds together anything successful that we do, and this musical is no different. We are thankful to those who have given so graciously of their time, effort, and expertise to put this absolutely awesome production together. We hold eternal gratitude in our hearts for Director Karen Sorbera, Producer Rachele La Neve, Music Directors Stacey Mansell and Dave Cheng, Choreographers Janine Di Millo and Rebecca Johnston and Set Designer Jeannette Dowson. Without the leadership of these experts, and without their passion for the arts, this show would not have been possible. They directed a cast of students who had never been part of such a complex production in our post-pandemic world and created something we can all marvel at for years to come. 


It goes without saying that as a school community, we are indebted to you as well: parents, guardians, families, friends, patrons of the arts, and all who have come to bear witness to what is possible when we allow the artistic community to thrive. Thank you so much for attending this evening  - we could not do it without you!


On behalf of the administration and staff of St. Elizabeth CHS, as well as the cast and crew, we hope you enjoy our fabulous show!


Martina Fasano


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