Freaky Friday - April 18 - April 20, 2024

St. Elizabeth High School



Freaky Friday is the first musical we have done since March 2019. We wanted to include as many students as we could and get a real jump on this show, so for the first time ever we auditioned in June so we could start the rehearsal process early!  We have all been working very hard on this production over many months.  The students and teachers have put in many hours of preparation. Families have taken the time to support us all during the rehearsal process. All that is needed to bring you a wonderful show.  As a director I value hard work, I appreciate the process and we are excited to bring you the end result.   


There are so many people who are needed to put on a show of this size. I need to mention a few here who have been with me from the beginning. I would like to thank our wonderful producer, Ms. Rachele La Neve who has done so much of the often overlooked but necessary tasks to make this production run smoothly.  I would also like to thank Mrs. Mansell and Mr. Cheng for their musical direction and who are also valuable musicians playing in the pit. To the choreographers: Ms. Di Millo and Ms. Johnston, I could not have done it without you. And to the costume designers Ms. Donohue and Ms. Frade, it really was a baptism by fire. Your commitment to collaborate and work with this seasoned team did not go unnoticed! And to our principal Ms. Fasano, thank you for not cringing every time I walked into your office to ask for something! Your support was so appreciated. I thank you all.


Another wonderful part about teaching at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School is working with so many creative and talented students over the years. We are blessed to have alumni assisting us with lighting, sound, scenic projections and videography this week. Also, it is a real full-circle moment to have Luciano Decicco (class of 2019) volunteer as a valued performance coach.  His enthusiasm and expertise really motivated our students.


During the performances, the actors, singers and pit band musicians will all get their kudos from you, the audience, but the students who have spent the last few months working behind the scenes might not get the recognition they deserve. We want to thank all of them for their efforts, especially those who have been there for the whole rehearsal process, after school and on weekends. So thank you to the entire crew.


To the cast, crew and band: have fun and break a leg!, it is time to begin our “Freaky” Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows, so please join us on our journey and enjoy!! Welcome back! 



Ms. Karen Sorbera

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