Jesus Christ Superstar - November 04 - November 21, 2021

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Who was Judas - He was one of the twelve — Peter was “leader” of the apostles because before becoming an apostle he was "Forman" of the fishing crew for his "family" James, James, Andrew, and John, so half the group already followed his lead — but tradition reports that Judas was the detail man of the group. He actually made things happen, arranged lodging, meals, where and when they were going, the logistics, the optics, and the message of Jesus’ ministry were for the most part Judas’ responsibility. Our first three encounters with Judas — the background I just presented in mind demonstrated the fear and frustration Judas is having that the image, the optics and the message are becoming derailed.
 So the question is why did Judas go to Caiaphas and the Priests? What was his motivation, did he expect or know that they wanted him dead or did he see it as a public relations victory, to garner support, and to bring Jesus' vision back to the ministry - the old shake him up to wake him up? 

 “Jesus you wanted me to do it, what if I just stay here and ruin your ambition! Christ you deserve it!”

  Take those lines in the above context. A sympathetic arrest to garner support, sympathy, and regain focus and control of what he saw as a floundering ministry.

“A publicity stunt" gone very very wrong. He thought he was manipulating the situation, making things happen like he always did. The priests and Pharisees were often stymied by Jesus, so why not let them look even more foolish by arresting him with no justification.

  Think about it — he raised all kinds of commotion over the perfume that could have raised 300 silver pieces or more — would he really turn Christ over for 50. He was seeking a bigger prize — in the mind of public opinion. He killed himself because he totally failed and was blind to the true fear the priests had … the Jewish people were occupied but in their minds were stable, not enslaved, protected, and they were flourishing socially and financially. If Jesus rocked the boat too much, their disinterested occupiers might decide to shake things up, blame the Jewish elite and restructure their comfortable situation.

  I’m speaking in the minds of the priests.

For the priests it was to maintain the safe and comfortable status quo… And actually the priests were right that when the Roman Empire fell, Jerusalem was sacked, the Jewish temple and priesthood was destroyed and has never returned. Their worst fear was eventually realized. Context and motivations … gives depth and understanding to who the characters are. And for our purposes — the context I just expressed is where I want us coming from … gives the emotional rollercoaster much higher peaks and much deeper valleys. Judas' “I don’t know how to love him” shows he loved him so much, he was blind that people could hate him just as much ... and that blind love killed both of them. At least in Judas’ eyes.


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