Dear Edwina JR. - May 24 - May 26, 2018

Stage Dreams Youth Theater

 Director's Note 

     When I first read Dear Edwina Jr I was flooded with memories of my childhood in the 90's. The score took me back to some of the musical themes that I remember hearing on the radio or when tuning into MTV to watch music videos, back when MTV actually played music. The word choice and the way everyone spoke reminded me of coming home from school and firing up Nickelodeon to mindlessly stare as a deranged popsicle stick introduced episodes of Rugrats or Clarissa Explains It All. Even the characters themselves felt like something out of late 80's/ early 90's pop culture. I was elated by the nostalgia I felt as I made my way through the script. My mind was quickly excited by ideas of not only pulling inspiration from the era but also teaching the students about the era itself. By the end of my first read through I knew I wanted to emulate my 90's childhood to tell this story. 
     Theatre is incredible for providing many things to many people, however I have always felt one of the most valuable is when a young person performs, they are able to experience something that they otherwise would not have had a chance to experience. I cannot explain how overjoyed I was to learn that students went home every week to ask their parents about things like The Beastie Boys, Family Matters, N’SYNC, Saved By The Bell, “J-Lo”, The Backstreet Boys, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and much, much more. It may not be anything earth shattering or life changing but it was the pop culture of my youth and it was a blast to share with today’s kids. Beyond the pop culture and fashion, this show is fantastic example of a light hearted musical comedy that sneaks in one heck of a punch right in the feels. This play talks about so many different lessons and morals but the finale of the show really ties a nice bow around the package in a beautiful and eloquent way. Listen closely as Edwina sings to her sister Katie and I can promise you her words will move you.
     I would like to take a moment to thank the SDYT staff and family for working extra hard and showing such endless support during this show while Ms Miranda and I welcomed our beautiful and healthy daughter, Luna Rose, into the world. We truly felt the love through out the process and thank everyone for their support from the bottom of our hearts. I would also like to thank the friends and family of all our students here tonight! Without you, none of this would be possible. Your support at home means everything in regards to their education in the performing arts. These kids have worked unbelievably hard to put this show together so let’s be sure to give them a nice, warm audience today and let them hear you laugh! Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoy the show!





Jonathan James Hansen




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