Dear Edwina JR. - May 24 - May 26, 2018

Stage Dreams Youth Theater


Act 1  
Paw-Paw Michigan  
Full Company
Up On the Fridge  
Dear Edwina  
Full Company
Here Comes a Letter  
Yellow Company
Say No Thank You  
Susie and the Napkins, Johnny, Queen of Boola-Boola
Another Letter  
Pink Company
Uncle Vladimir, Frank, Frank's Ma, Yellow Company
Adam, Mike, Adam's Letter  
Adam, Mike, Adam
Fork, Knife, Spoon  
Edwina, Chef Ludmilla, William, Sonoma, Fairy Forkmother, Pink Company
Time for Intermission  
Full Company
Act 2  
Here Come More Letters  
Pink Company
Periwinkle's Letter  
Hola Lola  
Becky, Annie, Kelli, Harry, Lola, Pink and Yellow Company
Ziggy's Letter  
Ziggy and the Band
Put it in the Piggy  
Mary Sue Betty Bob, Farmer Jerry, Yellow and Pink Ensemble
Thanks for Coming 1  
Full Company
Full Company
Thanks for Coming 2  
Full Company
Up on the Fridge Breakdown/Sing Your Own Song  
Full Company



Special Thanks


Happy Valley Baptist Church

Aviano Community Center

The Way Fellowship Church

Make Your Memory Photography

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