The Last Five Years - September 16 - October 09, 2022

Steel Beam Theatre

 Director's Note 

Several years ago, I participated in an exercise where those who cared about The Steel Beam were gathered to discuss the ugly subject of “business.” The leader of the event insisted that the first order of “business” was to create a mission statement. After hours of soul searching about the altruistic value of cultural undertakings, we decided that our mission was “to make people go “ooh ahh!”


Our conclusion was that, if you can make that happen, everything you could possibly say about the meaning and necessity of art in our lives would be innately understood. One of the best parts about the job of Director is that you get to watch immensely talented actors forge their roles. As I watched Amy Steele and Michael Metcalf do just that, under the masterful musical direction of Amy Jackson, I couldn’t help but think, “wow, mission accomplished.”


I can only hope that you will agree.


-- Bernie Weiler, Director

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