The Best of Broadway - May 15 - May 16, 2019

Steele Canyon High School

 End Notes 

The world of Broadway is one of challenge, heartbreak, excitment, competition & vunerability, and a world to not be approached lightly. The world of Broadway demands excellence and your very soul, and it is the duty of the performer to plan & train appropriately before entering into such an environment. The honesty of Broadway is one to appreciate and embrace in that directors and choreographers will simply tell the performer to go back to class and train more before returning to an audition.

Steele Canyon's Dance & Choir Academy is proud to be taking on such challenging roles and dance routines in the ambition of sharing the talent dynamic that Broadway has to offer. The students have been training diligently in learning to convey characterizations and musical interpretations with both their movement and vocal expression. 

Crowd favorites such as "Cats" and "Chicago" were selected for several different reasons. First, the obvious challenge it presented to the performers to take their performance to another level of emotional and artistic expression. Second, there is a reason these numbers are crowd favorites: the energy and hype these numbers provide is something that can't be described in words. If you find yourself sitting a bit taller in your seat, your heart is beating a bit faster, you begin to tap your toe, and you actually feel a smile creeping across your face- YOU, the audience, are experiencing a cathardic moment- which is what this whole world of performance is all about. YOU.

These performers are honored to have the privilege to entertain you this evening, and have been training very diligently to provide to you that cathardic moment. I can't say enough how very proud of all of my students, and the investment they have made into making "The Best of Broadway" the very BEST of Broadway. I am the one whom considers herself lucky here in having the privilege to work with such a diverse and talented bunch of kids.

Thank you to all of you whom support Steele Canyon's Dance & Choir Academy. These kids would not be able to do what they do without YOU and your support. We hope you enjoy the show!

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