Beauty and the Beast Jr - December 07 - December 08, 2018

Stuart Hobson Middle School



  • The Capitol Hill Cluster Fall Production of "Beauty and the Beast, Jr" combines the unique and various talents of more than one hundred students, staff, and community members.


  • The entire ensemble would like to say a very special "thank you" to the following:Principal Comeforo, Principal Elena Bell, and Principal John Burst for their continued support and help , not only in this and past productions, but to the entire theatre program of Stuart Hobson Middle School. We thrive because of great leadership!


  • The parents and teachers from each campus for their cooperation and understanding of the huge time commitment necessary for the success of the production.


  • PTA President Beth Hayden, Parent volunteers, and remaining members of the Capitol Hill Cluster PTA for their incredible amount of support and cooperation, legwork, and decision-making skills.


  • Ms. Bonds, Ms. McIlvane, Ms.Hargrove, Ms. Treadwell for countless odds and ends...from lending staplers, corralling students, substituting classes, etc. Thanks for always stepping in at a moment's notice!


  • Mr. Devin Howard and the entire Custodial Team for their patience, understanding, and help with all of our creative messes.


  • Katheryn Allen, SWS music teacher, for preparing the 5th graders to sing like songbirds.


  • Beth Bacon……SH Parent Rep extraordinaire…thank you for all of your guidance, ideas, and organizational skills….your attention to detail has often saved us.


  • Priscilla Coleman, Peabody music teacher, for introducing and establishing an early love and appreciation for music theater....also for your many encouraging words and expertise.


  • Amy Wertheimer, 5th grade teacher of SWS, for your ongoing support of SH theater department which has helped ease the transition to middle school for so many students. 


  • James Pergerson for building and securing our sets which created our provincial town! Your vision,craftiness, and talent with a skill saw has opened the door for future dynamic set structures. If anyone, needs excellent home repair work, this is the guy! Plus ..he's the Director's supportive husband.


  • Laura Takas, Alyssa Riedel, Lauren Tate, Ivy Ken……… Moms who rock! Your creativity looks good on us! Thank you for the costumes! They are better than anything we could have rented because they were made with love!


  • Sam Payne for sharing with us with his professional photography skills and providing headshots for our productions.


  • Will Davis, 8th Grade "Dude with a Mission". Thank you for your countless hours of going over and beyond. Your work ethic is to be commended. You've developed a strong team which is the sign of good leadership.


  • Danyelle Kensey and Claire Smullen... we did not forsee that this production would be a "beast" but we did it. Go Team!


  • To every Cast and Crew member, hard work and committment pays off every time.Congratulations on a "beauty-ful" show where every character, major or minor, tells the story. 


  • And finally, Jim Edwards…..thank you for pioneering the Arts Department at SHMS….this is your legacy.


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