Sputnik: Fall 2020 - November 19 - November 21, 2020

Suffolk University Theatre Department






Sputnik, 1957: the Soviet Union launches the first satellite into outer space and humanity begins its breath-taking scientific explorations into the far unknown.  


Sputnik, 2020: the Theatre Department launches its pioneering "Sputnik" series of student-written and directed productions for the digital world - despite the challenges of the pandemic.  


Wes borrowed "Sputnik" as a fitting name to describe this initiative.  We are profoundly grateful to the brave student writer-directors Sam Durso, Erin Field, Justin Lahue, and Kendyl Trott and the dedicated ensembles and production teams for imagining new possibilities and taking on the challenge of adapting their ideas and work into new digital formats. 


We deeply thank those who have mentored our students: Theatre Department faculty and staff, guest costume consultant Leslie Held and guest video artist Kathy Wittman.  


We applaud the incredible resiliency, artistry, and commitment of these teams in transforming their ideas into the plays you will experience this evening. 



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